Midland Bearings, a West Midlands-based leader in the distribution of high-quality bearings, has increased its product range to include food-grade thermoplastic housing units with a wide range of designs to support food, beverage, chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

Available in a variety of colours including green, black, white and blue, these housing units are often utilised in the production of well-known medicines, drinks, household chemicals and foodstuffs and are renowned for their quality, reliability and longevity.

Featuring an array of stainless-steel inserts, the Midland Bearings range of thermoplastic housing units also come equipped with food-grade grease, making them the ideal choice for food manufacturers here in the UK and further afield.

Made using high-grade glass-filled thermoplastic polyester, which has a high tensile strength and can operate in temperatures to 102°C, the thermoplastic housing units from Midlands Bearings are able to withstand constant temperature fluctuations and have a range of bearings that are suitable for each housing style.

Midland Bearings Managing Director, Phil Chesworth said, “Our ability to offer great value, high-quality thermoplastic housing units from our centrally located site not only means that our customers benefit from fast delivery, but as we have an extensive range of these items in waiting in our warehouse for immediate dispatch, costs are reduced for our UK and European customers who may currently be reliant upon imports from further afield.”

With the UK and Europe gearing up to begin manufacturing once more, Midland Bearings is inviting manufacturers to get in touch to discuss the cost and time-saving benefits of this new range and are on hand to answer any technical queries as the site is open for business thanks to its essential status.   

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