Midland Bearings, a West Midlands-based leader in the distribution of high-quality bearings was contacted by a European manufacturer earlier this month after their go-to parts wholesaler was unable to supply a rare RHP bearing, leaving production to grind to a halt.

As one of few RHP bearing suppliers in Europe, Midland Bearings was in a position to help immediately thanks to its in-stock catalogue of 15 million bearings and associated products specially designed for the pharmaceutical, architectural, construction material production, automotive and metal processing industries.

The Midland Bearings team were able to immediately dispatch the required bearings with an international courier who drove the parts to the client’s premises located 100 miles west of Luxembourg.

The only stockist within 1,000-miles, Midlands Bearings supplied 20 of the specialist RHP bearings with the driver collecting them just moments before the close of business and proceeding on a 950-mile trip through the Channel Tunnel to get the manufacturer back up and running. The order arrived at 3 am the following morning.

“Midland Bearings has been keeping business wheels turning across the globe by providing high-quality products to customers throughout the UK and beyond for many years, so we were more than happy to assist on this occasion,” says Midland Bearings Managing Director, Phil Chesworth.

“As the demand for quality bearing products rises, we’re proud to be able to serve the needs of clients with millions of items, including harder to procure bearings, held in stock in our 80,000 square foot warehouse.

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